Ferndale ward low traffic neighbourhood launched

Residents in Lambeth’s Ferndale ward have received an update confirming the proposed low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) will start on Saturday 18 July.

The Ferndale LTN will be the council’s third, following ones near the Oval and around Railton Road. Like those the Ferndale LTN will make streets quieter and safer for walking and cycling by restricting through traffic.

Lambeth council’s map showing the Ferndale low traffic neighbourhood. Exclamation marks show the locations of ‘filter’ points – often ‘no motor vehicles’ signs.

This is something the council was working on, and we have supported, but has been brought forward in a temporary form as part of the council’s coronvirus plans.

The temporary scheme will be delivered quickly while the council engages on the permanent improvements.

We are very pleased to see it and know that others working on safer, healthier streets will be too. We are a little concerned that it still seems possible to drive Ferndale Road from end to end but other changes mean this might not actually be an issue.

We will be monitoring it and lobbying the council if it’s not good enough!

Ferndale councillor welcomes the plans for safer, healthier streets.

Read more and have your say on the council’s project site.