A network of routes

A network of safe, easy to follow, routes for cycling between Lambeth town centres and destinations

Healthy Routes Network map

This is the objective of the Lambeth Healthy Routes plan. Linking the places that people live with the places they want to go via cycle routes that are safe and comfortable from start to finish is the key to enabling more people to cycle. Lambeth say that these routes can either be delivered either through creation of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods or by creating safe, protected, space to cycle in on a main road.

This map is from the Healthy Routes Implementation Plan and was supposed to show the routes that would be prioritised for delivery in the first three years. (Black lines new routes on Lambeth Roads, Green lines already exist in some form, Orange lines are either on TfL roads or require other boroughs to partner.)

Strategic Cycle Analysis

There are obviously gaps and we could argue about priorities but it’s informed by TfL’s ‘Strategic Cycle Analysis‘ (see image below). Sensibly, rather than trying to deliver long ‘routes’ which few people follow from end to end, Lambeth plans to focus on delivery of ‘links’ between places people want to go. So the Healthy Routes plan prioritises links like Brixton to Clapham (via Ferndale Road), Herne Hill – Brixton (via Railton Road), Stockwell to Vauxhall (by upgrading Quietway 5)..

TfL roads are outside Lambeth control – so the route along Brixton Road/A23 from Oval to Streatham, for example, would be designed and delivered by TfL

Quality Standards

Lambeth have set tough quality standards for cycle routes – pretty much equivalent to LCC’s recommendations (which are based on the Dutch standards). For cycle routes to feel safe separation from motor traffic is generally needed above about 200 vehicles per hour.

Quality Criteria from Healthy Routes implementation plan

We think this goes sets the standard for other boroughs to follow and we’ll be pushing them hard to keep to the standards they have set. However, there may be times when we need to support a scheme that has some weaknesses. BUT there is always the scope to make further improvements later.  

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