A Vision for Lambeth

We campaign for:

  • Walking and cycling to be prioritised over motor vehicles on Lambeth Streets
  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, which remove through traffic from our side streets
  • Protected space for cycling on the main roads that run around Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

Car owners are in the minority in Lambeth – less than 40% of households across the borough have access to a car. The majority of trips by car made in London could and should be made on foot, bike or public transport. 40% of trips by car are under 2km and 70% under 5km and few are made with passengers or heavy luggage. Moving more of those to active travel will lower carbon emissions, improve air quality and mean a healthier, happier, population.

A more expansive view of this is given in LCC’s Policy for a Cycling City and Climate Safe Streets Report.

After many years of falling short, we believe Lambeth’s Strategy and delivery plans are now starting to match up to what we’ve been campaigning for. However, that doesn’t mean our work is over. Change is always resisted and it’s vital that we continue to act as a critical friend to the council, pushing them to move quickly, not to compromise on quality and principles, and helping people to realise the benefits.

We recognise that everything can’t be delivered at once, and some parts of the network will be more difficult than others. The first iteration of a cycling scheme might not be perfect. We’re pushing Lambeth to #MoveFastAndFixThings– especially in a post-COVID world the priority is to try and make things better and then keep improving rather than endlessly delaying trying to find the perfect solution.

These pages set out our Vision for cycling in Lambeth and how the council’s plans compare.

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Brixton High Road pavement decorated with chalk by Lambeth Living Streets 
Yes, should read fewer cars.  Bugs us too.
Brixton High Street Pavement Widening for COVID-19