Benefits already showing in Railton neighbourhood

This week the Railton Road area low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) started. This includes making roads access only with closures at Shakespeare Road and St Matthews road and bus gates along Railton Road itself.

Despite some early issues as the scheme beds in, the LTN is already bringing benefits of quieter, healthier and safer streets.

When our friends at Southwark Cyclists visited just as the scheme came in to effect, some drivers were ignoring the no motor vehicles signs and the planters.

The enforcement cameras will be installed shortly. As in the Oval Triangle LTN, cameras will issue warning letters for a short period before fines are issued.

Before the enforcement cameras are installed, one resident decided to keep watch.

Locals see the benefits

We don’t need to wait that long for the benefits to start, at least.

In a series of wonderful conversations with @RailtonLTN, locals are already talking about how the streets are better, whether they are new to riding a bike or they are pushing a buggy.

For more about the Railton Road LTN see the council’s updates, including phase two which frees space on Atlantic Road.