About us

Lambeth Cyclists is the Lambeth borough group of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC). Join us.

The group is volunteer-led, by people who live and ride in Lambeth. Contact us.

We campaign for:

  • Walking and cycling to be prioritised over motor vehicles on Lambeth Streets
  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, which remove through traffic from side streets
  • Protected space for cycling on the main roads that run around Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

Car owners are in the minority in Lambeth – less than 40% of households across the borough have access to a car or a van. The majority of trips by car made in London could and should be made on foot, bike or public transport. 40% of trips by car are under 2km and 70% under 5km and few are made with passengers or heavy luggage. Moving more of those to active travel will lower carbon emissions, improve air quality and mean a fitter, happier, population. Read more about Our Vision for Lambeth.

Improving conditions for people riding bikes

Lambeth Cyclists campaign for Lambeth Council and Transport for London (TfL) to improve conditions for people riding bikes in the borough. We follow the policy positions agreed by LCC.

Our network, people who live and ride in the borough, means we can help to identify current issues and potential opportunities for improving cycling conditions. When a new scheme for is proposed we can give feedback based on experience from current cyclists who know the area well.

We work with other groups that support more walking or cycling in the area, including Lambeth Living Streets and Mums For Lungs.

Encouraging people to cycle

We run various rides and events throughout the year. These are social rides to places of interest but also serve to demonstrate alternative routes for cyclists.

Raising the profile of cycling as a means of transport

We liaise with local media to publicise issues and events, we also work with other levels of government such as the Greater London Authority and the London Mayor in alongside the London Cycling Campaign. Lambeth Cyclists attend various events in the borough such as the Lambeth Country Show in July and Car Free Day in September, providing information and talking to people about cycling.