From Oval to triangle

After years of campaigning residents in a triangle of back streets between the the Oval and the South Lambeth Road have had a low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) start this week.

Lambeth Council’s artists impression of the Oval triangle LTN in place

The LTN will make the roads access only for motor vehicles to stop drivers cutting through residential roads. They will make walking and cycling safer and more pleasant, with more space for social distancing and should make the Quietway 5 route much better.

The changes went live yesterday when covers came off no entry signs and cameras were fitted. Planters were being built today and other details will be finished overs the coming days – for example the planters filled. Drivers ignoring the no entry signs and driving around the planters will receive an advisory letter for the first few weeks before fines are used later.

Planters being built today at the junction of Claylands Road and Palfrey Place. Courtesy of @KeaneMJ

This is a temporary scheme as part of the council’s coronavirus plan while engagement on the planned permanent scheme is underway.

Lambeth council’s map showing the Oval triangle LTN