South bank improvements planned

Lambeth council has a consultation on plans to improve the streets around the south bank centre and access to it from Waterloo station.

We fully support these plans to improve the area, including much better conditions for people walking and cycling and reducing or eliminating through traffic from this area. 

The proposals include some options. You can read more on the council’s consultation page, and give your views.

We support an approach that minimises access by motor vehicles but are neutral between the Royal Festival Hall and National Theatre options so long as one ‘option 2’ proceeds.  

The scheme will replace damaged surfaces and failing lightings that were installed in 1997. We are pleased to see that tarmac will be used for road surface. This provides a much more resilient surface and more clearly delineates where motor vehicles are permitted.  It also provides the best surface for cycling in terms of grip and smoothness. 

Respond by Sunday 8 December.

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