Council approves bold new transport strategy

Lambeth’s new transport strategy has been approved by councillors, more importantly so has the plan for how it’ll be implemented. Lambeth Cyclists was there.

Lambeth Cyclists was there. This is what we told councillors:

We welcome Lambeth’s bold new Transport Strategy and support its core principle of rebalancing Lambeth’s streets in favour of walking, cycling and public transport while significantly reducing private car use.

The implementation plans set out a vision for the future of the borough and standards and principles that, if followed, will result in transformational changes to our streets. These will help to address a number of issues, all of which disproportionately affect young people.

Inactivity – Enabling more walking and cycling addresses the inactivity crisis that places extra demands on our health services.

Pollution – we need significant reductions in motor traffic to ensure air is safe to breathe for everyone – transport causes more than half of London’s air pollution.

And the Climate Emergency which means we need to reduce carbon emissions, a third of which come from Transport.

The status quo is not an option. In 2017, right outside this building, Stuart Horwood, head of the Brixton market traders federation, received life changing injuries when he was run over by a bus. Cycling to work shouldn’t be, and doesn’t need to be, a dangerous activity.

These plans set out a way forward, but we want to emphasise the importance of doing the works urgently, and in particular that further consultation will be short, and will only be on the most effective way of delivering the objectives, for instance to remove rat running traffic, or reallocate roadway to cycle tracks, and not on whether changes will take place.

You should be proud of these plans – they will make Lambeth a better place to live and work and form a core part of your response to the climate crisis – and we’re really excited about the years ahead.

Start now. We must see change next year We’d ask you all to ask yourselves what you will do in the next year to make them a reality.

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