Party positions on Climate Safe Streets – get out and vote on Thursday!

The local elections are now just a few days away.

We’ve asked all of the parties to sign up to our Climate Safe Streets asks (which you can read here). Our view is that these are the minimum that Lambeth needs to do to maintain momentum towards the London Cycling Campaigns Climate Safe Streets plan.

As at the time of writing the party positions are:

Lambeth Conservatives – The Lambeth Conservative manifesto‘s only reference to the climate emergency is to “ensure that Climate Action Plan policies undergo a proper cost-benefit analysis”. On Transport they say they would remove existing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, as well as “reviewing all closed roads over 3 years old”. These actions are obviously in conflict with our Climate Safe Streets asks and we have not received a response from the party.

Lambeth Green Party have pledged support. Their manifesto includes strong statements on Transport that are in line with our asks and the aim of reaching zero carbon for transport by 2030.

Lambeth Labour have pledged support. You can read their full manifesto here which includes their commitment to deliver their Climate Action Plan and Transport Strategy.

Lambeth Liberal Democrats – have said they are supportive of the overall aims of LCC but cannot sign up to the pledge since, “while they hope to restore a LibDem voice in the Town Hall,it is very unlikely that a LibDem would be elected as the next council leader”. Candidate statements can be found on their website but in the absence of any obvious manifesto we can’t make any assessment of their level of commitment against our Climate Safe Streets asks.

Other parties and independent candidates have not, at the time of writing, pledged support but we will update this page if that changes.

Your democratic rights were hard fought for so, as ever, we would encourage you to get out on Thursday 5 May 2022 whoever you choose to vote for and in the meantime you can send a message to all the parties via the image link below.

LCC's Climate Safe Streets campaign logo next to image of woman cycling