Council leader backs Climate Safe Streets

Our Climate Safe Streets campaign has taken an important step forward with unambiguous backing from Lambeth Labour in the form of a statement from the current leader of Lambeth council, Cllr Claire Holland.

You can read the full statement below and show YOUR support for Climate Safe Streets. The full detail of the Lambeth Cyclists asks is here.

I’m proud that over the last few years Lambeth Labour have a built up a strong track record of taking action to reshape our streets and our neighbourhoods to make them safer and fairer. Lambeth’s Transport Strategy that the council introduced under the leadership of Labour in Lambeth in 2019 provides a strong basis to progress and deliver on these pledges, and much more over the next four years. Therefore, I am happy to pledge our support for climate safe streets.

Our ambition for the borough, over this next term and beyond, is to continue to deliver on this plan for mobilities in Lambeth which will see the creation of a dense network of safe routes for active travel through a variety of mechanisms e.g. low traffic neighbourhoods, protected cycling infrastructure, bus priority measures etc and to rebalance our streets back in favour of people by prioritising the overall reduction of traffic levels. Crucially, within this strategy, we will be placing a heavier emphasis on prioritisation in areas with higher levels of deprivation and larger numbers of school pupils living in the area, in line with our commitment to making Lambeth a fairer place.

Alongside this, we will be investing heavily in secure places for residents to store their cycles, committing to installing at least 5,000 additional spaces over the next four years, five times more than what we have delivered since 2018. Whilst ensuring ample coverage of sheffield stands etc on-street is important and something which we want to continue to encourage more of, we know that cycling culture in London isn’t as developed as other nations. Therefore, our initial priority is to invest in secure storage to ensure those who want to cycle but don’t feel confident storing their cycle outside have a place to do so.

We will be ensuring that all neighbourhoods have readily accessible shared mobility options such as car sharing, shared e-cargo bikes and cycle hire. We will look to introduce a grant programme for non-standard or adapted cycles and start a Bike the Borough event to showcase how great – and easy – it is to get around Lambeth by cycle.

Lambeth’s Climate Action Plan, developed under the municipal leadership of Lambeth Labour, sets out clear targets on traffic reduction and kerbside use for the borough and the manifesto commits to delivering this plan in partnership with Lambeth’s key institutions. To deliver on these ambitious targets will require radical action, which we are committed to delivering.

Whilst we have a costed plan to deliver on a lot of the next phase of our strategy over the next four years paid for by taxing developers, there still remains gaps in the absence of TfL funding that we were due pre-pandemic e.g. Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood. The government needs to stop playing politics with Transport for London and provide the requisite funding for boroughs like Lambeth to deliver on our ambitions for a safe, efficient, equitable and integrated walking and cycling network.

Best wishes, Cllr Claire Holland

Leader Lambeth Council
LCC's Climate Safe Streets campaign logo next to image of woman cycling