Green Party backs Climate Safe Streets

The Lambeth Green Party have made a solid pledge of support for our Climate Safe Streets asks, which you can read below.

You can view their full manifesto here

Alongside the retrofitting and insulation of homes, reducing road transport emissions across the borough is essential to help tackle the climate and ecological emergency. The climate emergency needs to be at the core of all council decision making if we are to help prevent overshooting the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C limit and mitigate the effects of climate breakdown.

If elected, as a Green Party Councillor, I am most likely to continue to represent the opposition to a Labour administration after May 5th.

I will continue to push Lambeth Council to take more action, urgently and boldly to commit to the following:

– meet the Council’s own Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan targets to become carbon neutral by 2030

– ensure the Borough wide Climate Action Plan is fit for purpose

– Apart from committing to the LCC targets please find below our policy on local transport. Further detail can be found in our budget document for 2022/23.

More action on transport: ‘Liveable’ and ‘15 minute’ neighbourhoods

The Green Group would use the revenue from a proposed workplace parking levy to invest in walking, cycling and wheeling infrastructure, and on a borough wide extension of the implementation of ‘Liveable’ and ‘15 minute’ Neighbourhoods schemes; School Streets as default; user friendly streets with more benches, parklets and planting; walking maps; bike storage; cargo bike parking facilities; carshare schemes, and other projects that will help Lambeth’s transport become more sustainable.

Investing in sustainable modes of transport and moving away from car-use, except when absolutely necessary, is vital if we are to clean up Lambeth’s air and to move towards becoming a low carbon borough.

We welcome the work the council has done on Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, and while not always getting things right, it has set an important direction of travel. We also welcome the introduction of more School Streets, but note the criticism levelled by community groups that this could be bolder and has not, as yet, targeted more congested areas.

The pandemic led to many more people working from home. increasing demand for services in local neighbourhoods. The concept of the ‘15 minute’ neighbourhood responds well to this new way of living – encouraging small, independent businesses to set up and a more sustainable approach across communities.

While we recognise the need for more charging points for Electric vehicles, the Green Group encourages walking, cycling and scooting over private car use wherever possible.

Best wishes, Nicole Councillor Nicole Griffiths Green Party

– Streatham, St Leonard’s Ward London Borough of Lambeth

LCC's Climate Safe Streets campaign logo next to image of woman cycling