Ferndale LTN Consultation live

Lambeth Council has opened the consultation on the Ferndale Low Traffic Neighbourhood – the last of the five LTNs that were implemented as trials during 2020 and 2021. The consultation closes on 20 March so if you live in or travel through the area be sure to respond before then.

The Ferndale LTN opens up a Healthy Route, along Ferndale Road, from Brixton Road to Clapham High Street. Traffic volumes on the eastern half of Ferndale Road have fallen by about 3000 motor vehicles per day. The western section has increased slightly but at about 1500 vehicles, comfortably meets the councils criteria for Healthy Route volumes. On the western section the lack of passing places means cycling can be less comfortable than it should be. We’d like to see car parking removed to create spaces for users to safely pass.

Concanon Road has also seen a drop of about 3000 motor vehicles per day which creates a very useful way for people cycling to safely reach the north of Brixton and Stockwell Road from Acre Lane and further south (and vice versa).

As expected, the volumes on some of the boundary roads has increased, though both Acre Lane and Brixton Road show falls. Most significantly, the overall volume of motor traffic across all streets decreased by 6% which suggests that as well as improving conditions for walking and cycling, the scheme is having a positive effect on emissions and pollution.

Visualisation showing potential future layout of one of the filter locations - an adult and a child cycles by while other people walk and children play.
Lambeth visualisation showing potential future layout of one of the filter locations.