The Cut – upgrades and resurfacing

More good news in Lambeth as the filtering of The Cut moves from a temporary to an experimental traffic order. We understand this is part of the process towards making the scheme permanent.

Filtering on The Cut, coupled with the changes Southwark have made on Union Street means Q14 becomes a truly quiet route onward to London Bridge and beyond, and (coupled with the improved Q5 route) a safe and comfortable route between Guys and St Thomas’ hospitals.

There are a number of modifications to The Cut scheme to address rat running which should have the side effect of further reducing traffic volumes on the western half of The Cut.

A second order published today replaces some parking spaces in the western half with parklets, but most significantly for all users, will see the long overdue resurfacing of the road – the block paving used for the speed humps and crossings on The Cut has long been a dangerous and ugly mess. It’s not clear whether it will be replaced like-for-like but with much lower motor traffic volumes it will last much longer in any case.