More people cycling in the Streatham Hill low traffic neighbourhood

The Streatham Hill low traffic neighbourhood has seen a big increase in people cycling. The monitoring report on the scheme also sets out improvements that will be made so that the low traffic neighbourhood works even better.

We look forward to TfL’s improvements to the A23 Streatham Hill becoming reality. They will make a real change for the better to the motorway-like road.

General Trends 

The following overall percentage changes in counts were observed when comparing traffic counts in September 2020 against the baseline.

  • Within the LTN, the following overall percentage changes in counts were observed against the baseline:
    • car: -25%
    • cycle: +117%
    • goods vehicles: -10%
  • Across both internal and peripheral roads*, the following overall percentage changes in counts were as follows:
    • car: +8%
    • cycle: +135%
    • goods Vehicle: +5%

Changes coming soon

This scheme has been successful in cutting through traffic from side streets but we have also been keen to see improvements made to it. Some changes have already been made, these below are coming soon.

  • Two new modal filters will be installed, subject to consultation with statutory consultees such as the emergency services to address through traffic cutting between Leigham Vale/Leigham Court Road. This is in response to public feedback and the data showing that there has been an increase in traffic in these streets.
  • Designs to improve traffic flow, and lessen instances of idling, or very slow-moving traffic on Leigham Vale will be drawn up and the impact on parking assessed. If the overall impact is judged to be beneficial then these designs will be brought forward and consulted on.
  • Once new modal filters have been installed, we will review the possibility of creating a school street for Dunraven Primary School similar to that at Hitherfield Primary School
  • Implement additional road markings and advanced warning signs across the whole Low Traffic Neighbourhood