Safer cycling coming to the A23 Streatham Hill

TfL has published an update to plans to add cycle tracks to the A23 on Streatham Hill. The update follows a consultation early in 2020.

It is great to see that Streatham Hill cycleway will proceed and that it had such strong support. This was one of the key reasons the Streatham Hill low traffic neighbourhood was a priority.

There will be more detailed design work this year with construction not expected until early next year.

TfL’s image of Streatham Hill when the cycling and walking improvements have been made.

Changes to the original proposals

There will be some changes as a result of the consultation and details to resolve in this year’s planning.

The key updates to the design since consultation will include:

  • The closure of Tierney Road at the junction of the A23 to prevent rat-running traffic subject to further local consultation
  • Due to the proposed closure of Tierney Road Bus Stop T and TA will be brought back together meaning passengers will no longer need to cross Tierney Road when interchanging between these stops
  • A change to the design for the junction of Ardwell Road to provide an additional red route loading bay for use by local businesses, this may result in access changes to Cricklade Road, subject to further local consultation
  • An updated design for the Holmewood Road junction to improve the cyclist provision in this area. These changes could potentially involve access changes to Holmewood Road at the junction of the A23, subject to further local consultation
  • TfL is reviewing the extents of the scheme to try and improve east – west cycle permeability
  • TfL has identified areas which may be viable for further tree planting and other greening. More work to explore sustainable planting will be undertaken at the next stage of design
  • TfL will continue to engage with local businesses as detailed design develops to ensure adequate loading is provided where practicable
  • TfL will arrange a separate meeting with representatives to discuss retaining loading access for the Streatham Theatre
  • TfL will engage further with Arriva on the interaction between the scheme and buses accessing Brixton Bus Garage

Streatham to Oval

It is good to see that TfL continues to support safe cycling up the A23 from Streatham through Brixton to the Oval.

The consultation response report says:

The beginning and ends of the scheme have been designed in order to accommodate future proposals interfacing with this scheme in Brixton Hill and Streatham High Road that are yet to reach formal design stage or consultation.

There was a press release from TfL and City Hall in May 2020 announcing an Oval to Streatham corridor temporary Streetspace Scheme as part of TfL’s and Lambeth’s Covid-19 response. This is a
complex part of the network and is a key bus corridor. This scheme will continue to be developed throughout the winter, with these measures being consistent with what we have covered in this consultation.