More people cycling in Ferndale low traffic neighbourhood

More people are cycling in the low traffic neighbourhood around Ferndale Road. It is good that further improvements to the scheme are coming too. This news is shown in new figures for bike and motor vehicle movements in and around the area.

Lambeth council’s map showing the Ferndale low traffic neighbourhood when launched in 2020. Exclamation marks show the locations of ‘filter’ points – often ‘no motor vehicles’ signs.

General Trends

Within the LTN, the following overall percentage changes in counts were observed against the baseline: 

  • Car: -46%
  • Cycle: +92%
  • Goods vehicles: -33%

​​​​​​​Across both internal and peripheral roads, the following overall percentage changes in counts were as follows:

  • Car: +4%
  • Cycle: +69%
  • Goods Vehicle: +5%

Physical changes coming soon

Improvements have already been made to this LTN. They were much needed and we are pleased to see that Lambeth council plans further improvements to stop cars cutting through the area.

  • New modal filter on the junction of Dalyell Road and Combermere Road to prevent Combermere Road being used as a through route between Landor Road and Stockwell Road. Additional parking restrictions to ensure visibility is maintained at the junction.
  • Relocation of filters on Pulross Road to improve access to the area east of the filters both here and east of the new filter on Ferndale Road. This includes additional road markings to reinforce the no motor vehicle signage.
  • New modal filter on Ferndale Road to remove through traffic between Bedford Road and Brixton. Additional double yellow line restrictions to protect turning space either side of the modal filter.
  • New southbound no-entry on Shannon Grove to prevent the changes to Pulross Road filter recreating the Landor Road to Acre through route.

Read more in the Ferndale Low Traffic Neighbourhood Stage One Monitoring Report