Motor traffic levels down a over a quarter in Railton area

Low traffic neighbourhoods had already been shown to be popular in opinion polls but now an independent traffic analysis for Lambeth Council has shown they reduce motor traffic through an area and enable more cycling.

The Railton Road area low traffic neighbourhood had already opened roads to people. The new report shows that motor traffic was also down on the roads bordering the low traffic area.

As well as an overall reduction in motor traffic of 27% across the whole area, the analysis shows: 

  • Car traffic levels are down on the majority of roads that bound the LTN including Effra Road (-18%), Dulwich Road (-9%), and Milkwood Road (-14%). 
  • Traffic levels are significantly down on the vast majority of the roads inside the LTN (e.g. car traffic down by 62% and goods vehicles down by 51%) 
  • Car traffic levels are down on Shakespeare Road (-56%) and HGV levels on the northerly end of Shakespeare Road are slightly down too by 5% 
  • Cycling levels are up 36% overall including 74% on Shakespeare Road and 50% on Railton Road.

As a result of their monitoring work the council will also make some changes to the low traffic neighbourhood:

  • Adding no entry restrictions into Trelawn Road from Effra Road 
  • Adding no entry restrictions on Rattray Road and Dalberg Road at their junctions with Jelf Road, meaning motor vehicles cannot travel southbound.
  • Improvements to the signal phasing of the Coldharbour Lane /Atlantic Road junction to improve traffic flows along Coldharbour Lane. 

The council’s full stage one report will be published in January.