Support safer cycling on the A23 Streatham Hill

TfL has opened a consultation for much needed cycle tracks, and more pedestrian crossings, on Streatham Hill. We support these plans and hope you will show your support too.

The A23 at Streatham Hill is currently dominated by motor traffic and can be intimidating and unpleasant place for people who visit, study, live and work in the area.

TfL’s consultation information

The proposals in this consultation focus on Streatham Hill, from Sternhold Avenue at Streatham Hill station to Holmewood Road just north of the South Circular. We support the plans but also want TfL and Lambeth to tackle the rest of the route linking the Oval, Brixton and Streatham.

Oval to Streatham is outlined as one of the top 15 potential connections recommended for further study. This corridor presents an opportunity to improve air quality, safety and active travel for people who live and work in the area.

TfL’s analysis
TfL’s image of Streatham Hill when the cycling and walking improvements have been made.

TfL’s Summary of the plans:

  • New high quality segregated cycle lanes and bus stop bypasses to improve safety and encourage more people to cycle
  • New 20mph speed limit to improve safety for people walking and cycling, and to reduce traffic dominance in the area
  • Straight-across pedestrian crossings relocated to be where people want to walk and cross the road
  • Zebra crossings proposed to cross the cycle lane to signalised pedestrian crossings across the main carriageway
  • 2 additional pedestrian crossings
  • Improvements to public realm throughout the route, unlocking areas by removing central brick build planters and planting of new trees and landscaping
  • One lane is provided in each direction for general traffic, the existing 3 lanes of general traffic northbound at the junction with the A205 South Circular is retained
  • Bus lanes maintained or implemented and operational hours extended to between 07:00 – 19:00 Monday to Saturday throughout the scheme
  • Relocation of some bus stops and the introduction of bus stop bypasses
  • Changes to some parking and loading provision

Later this month, Lambeth Council will consult on protecting local streets from through traffic and will help deliver wider objectives such as creating Healthy Routes on local roads.

Help shape our response

Cyclescape is an online campaigning  tool for active travel campaigners – LCC recommend its use to collect comments to inform consultation responses. 

The advantage over just discussing it on our email list is that it’s open to the wider group of LCC members and supporters, and allows photos and attachments which are often lost on google groups.