What next for low traffic neighbourhoods?

Our meeting this Thursday, 18 June, will look at what next for for low traffic neighbourhoods in Lambeth.

Join us online at 7.30pm on Thursday when we will talk about:

  • how we can help more people cycle
  • what you can do in your area to support low traffic neighbourhoods. Maybe you’re already doing it.
  • what do we think about what the council has been putting in recently? Where should they focus next?

How you can help

This month Lambeth council is continuing to implement its coronavirus emergency plan for walking and cycling. The Oval and Railton road low traffic neighbourhoods have been started and others are coming soon. What can you do to help?

Do you live in these areas? Will you be able to help locally, maybe joining a local Whatsapp group or sharing posters?

  • Around Ferndale Road
  • Streatham Hill
  • Around Elm Park Road?

Even if you can’t join us at the meeting Thursday evening do let us know how you can help!

How to join the meeting

Members of Lambeth Cyclists (London Cycling Campaign members in Lambeth) should have received an email with the meeting access details.

If you haven’t received the details by email, just contact us and we’ll send you a link. You don’t have to be a member to attend – anyone interested in cycling or healthy streets in Lambeth is welcome. We have introduced this extra step to reduce the likelihood of obscene hacking.

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