Rat running to be tackled in Streatham Hill residential streets

Lambeth Council is asking for comments on plans to cut rat running with the residential streets east of the A23 Streatham Hill becoming a low traffic neighbourhood.

We are shocked by the amount of through traffic on these residential streets and support real action to improve walking and cycling and to tackle air pollution, so we support the maximum option in the survey and think you should too.

These proposals are designed to tackle the rat running concerns raised by people in the area and to complement TfL’s plans for the A23 Streatham Hill.

Palace Road and surrounding residential streets have a lot of cars and lorries taking short cuts.

Local residents, living east of the A23, raised issues of traffic volumes and speed during the ‘Our Streets’ consultation in 2018. Traffic surveys show that a high proportion of traffic using local roads are taking short cuts through, with over 6,000 vehicles a day using some streets. The majority of households in the neighbourhood do not own a car and the vast majority of residents, 64 per cent, use public transport to travel to work, whereas only 14 per cent travel by car. When we looked at the collisions per household this neighbourhood ranked highly. There are also a lot of schools and schoolchildren who live in the neighbourhood.

Lambeth’s Streatham Hill low traffic neighbourhood proposals
The survey asks about tackling rat running and improving air quality on roads between the A23 on Streatham Hill and the South Circular Christchurch Road

What do the proposals aim to do?

  • Reduce traffic volumes across the neighbourhood to deliver improved air quality, improved safety and create street spaces where people can socialise and play
  • Create a high quality ‘healthy route’ on Hillside Road for people making local trips on foot and by bike, particularly to and from schools in the area, and as part of a wider link between Herne Hill and Streatham
  • Maintain bus access for the P13 and improve bus speeds
  • Preserve motor vehicle access so residents and local business can use cars and vans when they need to

A short survey asks whether the council should do a minimum amount of work to improve the area limiting some through traffic or whether it should address the area both sides of the railway line and properly tackle rat running to improve air quality and make walking and cycling to the shops, work or school safer.

We support the maximum option. Visit the project website to find out more about these proposals, how low traffic neighbourhoods have worked elsewhere and to complete the short survey. The survey closes on 22 March.