New Brockwell Park to Gipsy Hill consultation

Act now! The short survey for this consultation closes Saturday 29 February.

Great new proposals provide a safer route for people walking and cycling along Rosendale Road, especially for kids heading to school and to Brockwell Park.

The council has just published proposals for 11 new zebra crossings, including by the shops, and a segregated cycle track on Rosendale Road.

We support these proposals and think you should too. Tell us what you think below and Complete the council’s survey and if you live in the immediate area let your councillors know you support it.

The junction of Turney Road and Rosendale Road before, and after showing new crossings.

The Healthy Route: Brockwell Park to Gipsy Hill from Lambeth Council includes:

  • 35 new trees, 21 new benches, 7 new planters, 55 new cycle parking stands and new areas of greening for sustainable drainage.
  • 11 new zebra crossings for pedestrians, 5 with parallel cycling provision, to improve walking and cycling conditions along the road.
  • Approximately 57 informal car parking spaces are being removed along the route and the left turn from Rosendale Road into Turney Road is being banned, to provide the crossing improvements.
  • A new segregated two-way cycle track along Rosendale Road between Brockwell Park and Myton Road. This will be delivered as a mix of stepped cycle track and parking-protected cycle track.
  • Removal of the roundabouts at Rosendale Road/Turney Road and Rosendale Road/Park Hall Road, to improve road safety for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • New blended crossings at all side road junctions beside the cycle track. These will slow down vehicles entering or exiting side roads and encourage vehicles to give way to pedestrians crossing the road. Tactile paving will be provided at all side road crossing points to assist blind or partially sighted pedestrians.

Help shape our response

Cyclescape is an online campaigning  tool for active travel campaigners – LCC recommend its use to collect comments to inform consultation responses. 

The advantage over just discussing it on our email list is that it’s open to the wider group of LCC members and supporters, and allows photos and attachments which are often lost on google groups.