TFL Consultation Kennington Park Road and Braganza Street, CS7

TFL has a consultation on changes to Kennington Park Road at the junction with Braganza Street. This is the junction on CS7 by Kennington tube station.

What TFL says:
Our plan is to modify the junction to create a ‘right turn only phase’ for traffic turning from Kennington Park Road into Braganza Street. This will remove the conflict between drivers turning right and vehicles progressing straight on southbound through the junction. Our full proposals include:

  • A separately controlled right turn from Kennington Park Road into Braganza Street. Drivers turning right will be held at a red signal while southbound traffic moves, completely removing the potential for right turn conflict
  • Creating a northbound segregated cycle by-pass of the junction
  • Shortening the loading bay on the north-east side of the junction to allow for the cycle by-pass, while leaving space for deliveries to local shops and businesses to continue
  • Providing an earlier green signal for cyclists using the junction. This will allow cyclists to be clear of the junction before other vehicles move, reducing conflict
  • Reallocate northbound traffic lanes with designated lane markings for ahead and right turning movements. This will allow free flow of northbound traffic without having to wait for right turning vehicles to clear the junction
  • Introducing a banned left turn into Braganza Street, except for cyclists, removing the risk of conflict between left turning drivers and cyclists and motorcyclists moving stratight ahead
  • Extending the southbound bus lane to the junction
  • Removing a short stretch of northbound bus lane to allow for the new road layout

Lambeth Cyclists thinks these schemes are clearly about collision reduction rather than enabling more, and a wider range of people, cycling. They do little to improve subjective safety with people cycling still sharing space with motor traffic on busy roads.

As such they will contribute towards MTS Vision Zero targets but not MTS targets for increased cycling. We are encouraged that this is now recognized and an explicit reference made to revisiting the entire CS7 corridor.

Specific Comments on this scheme
The scheme is supported with caveats. In principle the creation of the by-pass would address the issue with vehicles moving into the left lane to avoid the right turning queue. However, the entrance to the by-pass needs to be before the end of the bus lane or else there is a risk that the collision point is simply moved back up the road.

What do you think? 
Respond to TFL’s consultation by 25 July. See others’ feedback on Cyclescape.

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