Update from our June meeting

A week after meeting in May, Lambeth Council confirmed Streatham Hill and Tulse Hill low traffic neighbourhoods would be made permanent. These areas enable safer cycling on the east of the A23.

There have already been some improvements to the Oval LTN and the Railton LTNs after they were made permanent. The council has just an engagement exercise looking at some of the other filters in the Oval and Railton LTNs, focussed on how the extra space for people might be used.

Concerns were raised about the Atlantic Road bus gate – one of places that permanent works have already been done. It looks a lot better but, when a bus is going through the bus gate, it feels like safe access for cycling has been designed out. It’s also very disappointing that seating provided by community has gone so there’s nothing for traders, and safety for for cyclists seems worse. Lambeth Cyclists members can go to have a look, and see what you think of it now. Members in this area can write to their councillors about this.

A member in the area noted that something that we need to make sure the council takes account of bike trailers and cargo bikes when planning bike parking. Having street level community safe storage for bike trailers would really help open up cycling access to schools for some families.

One positive note was that there are now two community cargo bikes in the Railton Road area which look really good.

A delivery rider cycles through the bus gate on Atlantic Road where the road is narrowed with new space for plants and trees.
Newly built bus gate on Atlantic Road in Brixton, one end of the Railton low traffic neighbourhood.

Brixton Hill and Streatham Wells LTNs soon

We should be seeing a Streatham Wells LTN. As well as safety for local residents, this means Brixton to down to bottom of the borough at Streatham Common becomes pretty cyclable east of the A23, as would Streatham to Brockwell Park and over towards Dulwich, as there are safer crossings being put in for example on Leigham Court Road..

Brixton Hill LTN would be on the west side of the A23 Brixton Hill towards Kings Avenue, trial schemes expected to go in this summer.

If anyone is visiting these areas, and has some constructive feedback, then do send it through to the email list. And if there’s anything obvious that looks problematic, then do contact your councillors.

TfL, sadly no update

We’ve not heard anything about the segregated cycle track on the A23 Streatham Hill – this was consulted on in 2020 and then approved, with work to have started earlier this year.

Planned cycle track on Streatham Hill
Design for the planned cycle track on Streatham Hill

Concerns were raised that that junction of the A23 Brixton Road, Coldharbour Lane and Effra Road creates conflicts between cars and cyclists – in particular cars seem to always try to go around you and it is difficult to be positioned safely. There is some work starting here on moving bus stops and maybe changing the pavement which could affect that the traffic lanes. The junctions needs to be safer and the main roads need cycle track like those that should be being built on Streatham Hill.

Help with rides and events

We are very keen to get some ideas for events that Lambeth Cyclists could organise or get involved in. We used to do architecture rides – gentle themed rides and rides to local events. We could maybe think about Park to Park rides (for example, Tooting Common to Clapham Common, or Brockwell Park to Streatham Common). Mainly just keen to get ideas for real life interaction that’s reasonably family friendly and involves cycling.

Can you help Lambeth Cyclists

Lambeth Cyclists is coordinated by local volunteers. We are keen to get a wider group of helpers or members of the committee – what would you like to help with for example – rides, as above, or maybe our communications or a campaign on cycle parking. The committee really is thinly spread at the moment, and we would LOVE some people to join in – even if you’ve never attended a Lambeth Cyclists meeting before, we’d love to hear from you.