Consultations on low traffic neighbourhoods to start

Lambeth council has confirmed plans to start formal consultation on two of the experimental low traffic neighbourhoods launched last year. Sign up to find out more.

The first two consultations will ask questions of people living and working in the areas about their experiences of the Oval to Stockwell LTN and the Railton LTN. The other consultations will come after.

We hope that progress on the 2020 LTNs will see the council move on with its plans for more low traffic neighbourhoods, for example in the Brixton Hill area, and healthy routes across the borough.

If you live in either area, sign up now for the Railton and Oval to Stockwell consultations to be notified as soon as the consultation proposals and survey go live on 6 September. You’ll also get invitations to any engagement events which happen during the consultation so they can find out more.

Joint Cabinet Members for Sustainable Transport, Environment and Clean Air Cllr Danny Adilypour and Cllr Mahamed Hashi have encouraged residents to sign-up to have their say during next month’s consultations.

Cllr Adilypour said: “We have been clear all along that the Railton and Oval to Stockwell LTNs were trial measures that would be continually reviewed, while the council considers feedback from those living or working nearby.

“The council has produced monitoring reports for both LTNs in line with our published strategy. The data has shown they have been effective in achieving the council’s aims.

“Now is the right time to lay the groundwork for a comprehensive consultation with residents, businesses and stakeholders so they can ​share their experiences which will help us to shape the future of both LTNs.”

Earlier this year the council published the first round of monitoring reports on the 2020 LTNs and launched a series of improvements and engagement in some of them. New LTNs and the many existing filters help create a network of healthier and safer walking and cycling routes across the borough.

Read the council’s consultation news update from 9 August and our Vision for Lambeth.