Walking and cycling improvements Streatham Hill to the Elephant

We have written before about minor improvements TfL promised to the A23 north of the South Circular and to the A3 from the Oval to Elephant. We wrote how we have been surprised that the small changes that have been made such as continuous bus lanes, removal of two straight ahead lanes at junctions and some banned turns – have made an noticeable difference.

A number of places that used to be stressful with pushy motorists are now much more comfortable.

TfL has surveys to see what people think of the changes to the A23 and to the A3

Both roads need cycle tracks as there is by Kennington Park and is planned for Streatham Hill. Both roads need fewer cars too. These points cannot be made enough.

In the meantime, 24/7 bus lanes that do not stop for junctions are a significant benefit in terms of comfort and safety for existing cyclists. They address poor driver behaviour at junctions and speeding/undertaking out of bus lane hours and make cycling on these roads less stressful.

Mixing buses with cyclists is not an end game solution. Buses are large, imposing vehicles and many potential cyclists will continue to be excluded by shared bus lane infrastructure. even a wide (4.5m) bus lane does not provide the space needed for a cyclist to be overtaken by a bus ‘in lane’ with the 1.5m clearance that is supposed to be a minimum. Many of our members have reported terrifyingly close passes from buses and some have unfortunately been hit and severely injured. Until this is addressed many potential cyclists will be deterred.

Tell TfL what you think

There are two surveys, complete the now. They close 17 November 2021.

Walking and cycling changes between Oval and Elephant & Castle

Walking and cycling changes between Oval and Streatham