Lambeth’s Transport Strategy Consultation – Respond by Monday 17th Dec!

Lambeth Council is consulting on its draft Transport Strategy and LIP, the implementation plan (LCC guidance). This doesn’t just set out the borough’s spending plans on transport for the next three years but also their approach for the next 20 years. So we really need as many people as possible to use this moment to tell the council we want more and better walking and cycling. And no more ratruns, no more polluted main roads.

Please complete the survey today (or email

Follow the cycle route sign but the sign also says oncoming vehicles in your path.

What to say?

The strategy’s “Guiding Principles”, “Strategic Outcomes” and “Healthy Routes” approach (protected space for cycling on main roads and filtering out rat running traffic in areas away from main roads) are all good. But they’re not reflected in any short term actions and targets.

It’s all fine words, but no action. Little surprising then that in the last five years, TfL data says walking and cycling have flatlined in Lambeth.

We want:

  • The Healthy Routes “flagship” plan to get much more than a paltry 7% of the plan budget. We think this should be at least 25% (the amount currently proposed for soft ‘training and encouraging’ measures) but to be really effective even higher. 
  • A cull on traffic calming schemes that have been failing to deliver. Some roads the borough is proposing to revisit a second or even third time and they’re still seeing far too high speeds, whereas cheap “low traffic neighbourhoods” would remove ratruns and reduce speed more effectively. 
  • Real political leadership on these issues – better cycling and walking, reducing motor traffic dominance are a “matter of social justice” says Jeremy Corbyn. Pollution, inactivity, climate change affect the poorest in our borough most. And these are crises tearing apart our NHS, killing Londoners and threatening our planet. We want hard, bold targets and action from Lambeth, not more words. 
This is what Labour Cllr Clyde Loakes in Waltham Forest said this year about their class-leading mini-Holland:

“I have been a councillor for a long time. I spent years talking about encouraging a shift to bikes and walking without actually doing the things that make a difference. If I am honest I was tinkering with parking schemes and pandering to car owners. I was not delivering for our community. Then I got a chance to do something extraordinary. We won our Waltham Forest mini-Holland bid with low traffic neighbourhoods and protected bike lanes. We had signed up to deliver a huge public health implementation at pace.

Every Labour councillor that had backed the scheme showed a significant increase in votes. The impact of what we have done is enormous and its impacted public health measurably. DfT data shows that not only did the borough have the largest increase in walking last year, the increase is so large that life expectancy has been extended for residents”

Let’s make Lambeth better together. Send in a response (in your own words) today, the consultation closes on Monday 17 December.

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