Cycle maintenance classes

Unfortunately we have no new sets of cycle maintenance classes planned – we will update this page if/when we are able to arrange some more.

See our list of other cycle maintenance courses in the local area – if you know of any others please get in touch and we will include details on the website

Lambeth Cyclists run regular sets of cycle maintenance classes, every Tuesday over five weeks covering the basics for maintaining the different aspects of your bike – sessions cover brakes, gears, wheels as well as general adjustments required to keep your bike on the road. The classes take place in small groups of eight people with the work being carried out on participants’ bikes.

The maintenance classes take place  6:45-8:45pm on Tuesday evenings.

Feedback from previous participants has been very positive, one commented “I found the course to be great value, having paid for itself several times over in savings on shop servicing. Couldn’t recommend it enough.”

The general programme for the classes is
1st week: general introduction
2nd week: brakes
3rd week: gears
4th week: wheels/ tyres
5th week: fix any particular problems you have, follow up from previous weeks.

You will get a handout at the end of each week.

Each class will consist of up to 8 participants, working in pairs on their own bikes. Tools and workstands will be provided. Some spares can be bought at the classes. The classes cost £75 for the set. To sign up email

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