Good news but more to do

Notes from our recent meeting

Climate Safe Streets – election update

Thank you to all of you who helped the Climate Safe Streets campaign. As a result of your emails to local party leaders we got pledges of support, including from Lambeth Labour leader, Cllr Claire Holland, who is again council leader.

The work is not over.

There are lots of new councillors, and, because of boundary changes, even those who were councillors might now be in new areas. Contact your councillor to tell them you support safer, healthier streets and want to see action.

In the run up to the election we asked party leaders to commit to our the Climate Safe Streets campaign:

  1. Four new Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) per year, with at least one safe crossing between adjacent LTNs so that more cross-London journeys can be cycled easily, safely and efficiently.
  2. Six Healthy Routes to create safer cycling conditions along high-cycle-demand roads which are under Lambeth control
  3. A new kerbside strategy that prioritises active travel and inclusive pedestrian spaces. This includes more cycle parking, electric car charging points and improved pedestrian crossings.
  4. Rapid rollout of a dense network of shared mobility points – Lambeth residents and businesses should have easy access to car sharing, cycle hire, cargo-bike hire and scooter hire schemes near their homes and workplaces.

On the evening of our meeting, it was announced that Cllr Rezina Chowdhury is council cabinet member for Cabinet Member for Sustainable Lambeth and Clean Air, which includes active travel.

Decisions and Consultations

After the cabinet is formally adopted, there are some outstanding decisions and progress that needs to be made.

We haven’t yet had the results of the formal consultations on making the Streatham Hill and Tulse Hill LTNs permanent. That consultation closed in December. Just before the elections, the consultation on the Ferndale LTN closed. We hope to hear about all three soon.

There should also be a Brixton Hill LTN trialled soon. Also there is a proposed Streatham Wells LTN.

Wand-based cycle track was put in from Brockwell Park up Rosendale Road but more is needed on this and other routes. There has been some engagement with Loughborough Junction residents for a cycle track along Loughborough Road.

There should also be some changes on Windmill Drive on Clapham Common, even if we had concerns about the proposed design.

There are other much needed projects where the council went very quiet but are still much needed. There were plans to improve junction safety work on Acre Lane, but they have gone quiet. Plans for the rebuilding of the Clapham Park estate promised cycle tracks on Kings Avenue, these too are overdue.

Focus for Lambeth Cyclists for rest of the year


Picking up from the last meeting, cycle parking is the big issue – both residential and in town centres. Parking was one of our asks in the Climate Safe Streets campaign and the council is developing a ‘kerbside strategy’. We spoke about a flyer to engage businesses around the benefits of cycle parking. Also noted campaigning on shared cargo bikes and trying to move some deliveries to cargo bikes.

In terms of safe routes, we spoke about campaigning for Lambeth Council and TfL to act on safer cycling especially on the four lane Parry Street at the Vauxhall gyratory. Susan reminded the group about the plan for the Vauxhall Gyratory – it looked very exciting. However it wasn’t adopted. This could be quite a revolutionary thing to campaign on (probably TfL, not the Council).

Rides and events

Pre-pandemic, we ran sociable rides around Lambeth, often themed, for example on aspects of architecture. We also ran events and attended others’ events.

We don’t have any volunteers to run these, but would love to hear from people who might be interested. We know people are interested in taking part, can you help?