Good start, much more needed

The minor improvements TfL promised to the A23 north of the South Circular and to the A3 from the Oval to Elephant have been appearing.

Somewhat to our surprise the small changes that have been made such as continuous bus lanes, removal of two straight ahead lanes at junctions and some banned turns – have made an noticeable difference. A number of places that used to be stressful with pushy motorists are now much more comfortable.

A good example is the section of Brixton Hill south from the junction with Water Lane past Josephine Avenue, where the old Clapham-Tulse Hill LCN route crosses. Now the bus lane has been extended where used to be a drag race from the lights southbound to re-merge by the shops and restaurants.

It’s not a segregated cycleway, but it is an overdue set of changes that put safety and comfort of vulnerable road users above motorist convenience. For now, it should be welcomed and recognised while we still need a safe segregated route on the A23.