New Kennington Road cycleway

The Kennington Road cycleway is open – we’ve reviewed it with the Project Manager.

Heading north, this is the first section you get to. Super low cost – the separator is just cut into the existing surface with some experimental colour too.

Crossings at the bus stops help awareness and there’s still loads of pedestrian space here. Coloured tarmac would be better but this whole section wasn’t even in original plan so had no budget.

The signals will be tweaked to give a green cycle light with pedestrians (and the phone boxes have been moved)

North of the junction the cycleway continues with some more experimental colour across the (very low traffic volume) side road to rejoin the carriageway at Hercules Road. There are reduced vehicle lanes for less conflict.

The Southbound lane has been open for a few weeks. When the junction signals are moved the wand protected lane will continue south as far as Brook Drive