Thousands Skyride from Lambeth

This years Skyride in early September saw thousands cycle into a car-free central London from Lambeth.Here Lambeth Cyclists’ Clare Neely reflects on leading one of the feeder rides to the event, successful inspite of her concerns about the corporate sponsorship by Sky.She writes “Hi I am Clare, your Skyride leader! It all came out in … Continue reading Thousands Skyride from Lambeth

Freewheel become Sky Ride: 20 September 2009

This year’s mass participation Bike Ride in central London has changed its name from Freewheel to Sky Ride reflecting the new sponsor. The event will take place on Sunday 20 September and will again feature large sections of central London which are open solely to bicycles.This year’s ride will be coordinated by British Cycling and … Continue reading Freewheel become Sky Ride: 20 September 2009