Why comment on Lambeth’s Local Plan Review

Lambeth council’s local plan is coming up for review.

30 years ago it wasn’t possible to walk or cycle directly along the Lambeth Thameside under Westminster and Vauxhall bridges. In the early 1990s the Lambeth Cyclists got a small change made to the Lambeth Local Plan to show a walking and cycling route along the Thames. A simple line on a map was used by the council to require major developers in those areas to fund the extensive works required to create a direct access under the bridges.

15 years ago Westminster Cycling Campaign obtained a short paragraph in the Westminster local plan which required car free office development.

Lambeth will soon be reviewing the Local Plan, watch our website and social media for details.

Many areas have a dedicated section. Perhaps there is site where you live that is likely to be redeveloped, where a new developer funded cycling route would open up a local network of routes. Perhaps there is a local school or health centre which cannot afford secure cycle parking. If it was shown on a plan, that could be funded by other development. Perhaps there is a local station which doesn’t have a lift to take cycles up or down to the platform.

The line on the map which brought about the Thameside route took minutes to draw on a plan and send into the Council.

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