Changes to Lambeth and Waterloo Bridges – TFL consultation

TFL has launched consultations on changes to both Lambeth and Waterloo Bridges.

Do respond to the consultation with your comments by 20 August. There is some progress shown in plans for both bridges.

Lambeth Bridge consultation
Waterloo Bridge consultation

Comments from our emails and our July meeting

Lambeth Bridge 

South side

  • The cycle and pedestrian underpass along the Thames path is only marked ‘pedestrian’ on maps shown. We should ensure the status of this is not changing.
  • The cycle by-passes, that avoid the lights, should be clearly marked with coloured tarmac to reduce conflict in space shared with pedestrians.

North side

  • There should be an all green phase for people on bikes. It’s often unclear how to use two stage right turns and they make the junction slower for cyclists than for motor traffic.
The north side of Lambeth Bridge, before and after according to TFL.

 Waterloo Bridge

  • Why the lack of cycle tracks on Waterloo Bridge, especially as it has had Quietway 1 painted on the carriageway?
    Lambeth Cyclist’s Charlie Holland has an idea for a pedestrian bridge on the southern exit to allow space for a cycle track.
  • We need segregation on Waterloo Road past the station.
  • If the back streets a filtered to limit through traffic, the proposed banned right turn into Stamford Street could be supported as it may slightly reduce the volume of traffic up Waterloo Road.
  • Could the ramp roads be filtered?
  • Filtering Mepham Street, or a contraflow as a second best solution, could provide link from Waterloo Road to York Road avoiding IMAX and multiple waits at red lights.
The view from Waterloo Bridge, now and as in TFL’s proposals.

For more comments on the scheme see what others are saying on Cyclescape.

Remember to respond by 20 August!

Lambeth Bridge consultation
Waterloo Bridge consultation

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