Architecture ride: Walter Segal and Self-Build

Walter Segal self build in London.
Picture by London Permaculture on Flickr.

Meet in Brockwell Park on Saturday 22 July for our next architecture themed ride.

With the housing shortage being much in discussion these days, especially in London, it is interesting to learn of an approach to housing that offers one solution – that of ‘self-build’.

This ride will look at the housing that was built by self-help communities using the building techniques of Walter Segal. Segal devised a way of simplifying the process of building so that it could be undertaken by anyone, at low cost, and much quicker than conventional building. The building method eliminates the need for ‘wet’ trades such as bricklaying and plastering, resulting in a lightweight method which can be built with minimal experience and is ecologically sound.

Our tour will look at some examples of this type of building in South East London, going through Lewisham, and then making our way up to Surrey Docks Farm.

Meet: 10.30 outside the cafe (north side) in the middle of Brockwell Park.
Contact on the day: Philip Loy, 07577 293885

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