Timid tackling of rat running in Streatham

Lambeth Council continues its Our Streets ‘neighbourhood enhancement programme’ and is looking at residential streets in Streatham that suffer rat running.

In Streatham Wells, the Our Streets programme hopes to have a positive impact on some of the most used roads in the area. This is your chance to share your thoughts on the proposals. 

Despite highlighting the dire need for action in and around Valley Road we think the plans could go further so that these residential streets are places children can ride their bikes. The plans do not seem to sit well with the council’s own work on Healthy Streets.

The proposals include changing speed cushions to more cycle friendly modern ‘sinusoidal’ humps and very limited filtering of traffic. There will be some improvements for people on foot too but a more ambitious scheme, with cycle tracks and more filtering would make a real difference. Some other bits of the borough benefit from this, it’s time Streatham starts to.

The proposals do not meet the London Cycling Level of Service included in TfL’s Cycling Design Standards. 

Read the proposals and take part in the survey.

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