Have your say: three more council consultations!

Ruskin Park to Kennington Park Greenway 

Read the details and respond by 18 December. Here are our comments.

1. Calais Street/ Cormont Road/ Halsmere Road Junction – support

2. Cormont Road/ Brief Street Junction – support

3. Knatchbull Road/ Lilford Road/ Minet Road Junction – it will provide Bikeability instructors at Loughborough Primary School on Minet Road with a headache. A conventional alternative option would be a mini roundabout, but will this leave Lilford Road dominant in reality?

Giving priority to traffic on Knatchbull and Minet Road crossing Lilford Road runs the risk of increasing rat-running on the these roads, plus drivers on Lilford Road may not respect the priority.
 Norwood area consultation on community priorities – Knight’s Hill, Gipsy Hill and Thurlow Park wards
What are your priorities for your streets, open spaces and places? Lambeth council’s consultation.

Our streets – the neighbourhood enhancement programme – Streatham and Clapham Park
Following the recent engagement done around the Our Streets programme, the council’s gone to the drawing board to come up with proposals that cover the points raised by residents and businesses in the Thornton, St Leonards, Streatham Wells and Streatham South wards.

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