Consultation: Two-way cycling in one-way streets

Lambeth Council is consulting on allowing two-way cycling on all one-way streets.

Lambeth Council says:

Lambeth Council’s policy is to encourage cycling by making it an attractive transport option to all types of people. The bicycle can be given a major advantage over motorised modes by making cycle access more direct and extensive. Allowing two-way cycling in one-way streets is one way this is achieved, delivering the following benefits for cyclists

  • improved local access
  • reduced journey distances and times 
  • more route choices. 

About 40 streets in Lambeth have already been converted from standard one-way streets to, one-way streets that allow legal two-way cycling. There are still about 70 one-way street in the borough where cyclist cannot legally cycle in both directions. We are working to bring two-way cycling to all one-way streets in Lambeth.

Please support the plans but add what additional measures would be beneficial, for example a ban on large lorries using a street as a cut through or better signage.

Read more and respond Lambeth’s consultation today. It closes on 18 December.

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