Last chance – Loughborough Junction masterplan consultation

Act this evening or tomorrow to comment on the Loughborough Junction masterplan.

The proposals for an increase in permeability for walking and cycling in the masterplan are welcome. Loughborough Junction includes parts of Coldharbour ward, which from census data has one of the lowest levels of car ownership in the UK, and Herne Hill ward which has the highest level of cycle journeys to work in south London.

At certain times of the day and night public transport in the area is at capacity.

Providing space for cycling is a more efficient use of road space than providing space for driving private motor vehicles, particularly for journeys of 5km or less.

Lambeth Cyclists want the master plan to include proposals for a wider network of high quality direct cycle routes, separate from high volumes and/or speeds of motor vehicle traffic from surrounding areas into and through Loughborough Junction. This is to accommodate the increase in cycle journeys that will be generated by the proposed development. In the short term cycling capacity will provide an opportunity for modal shift from saturated public transport.

We want the masterplan to refer to TfL’s “Healthy Streets” checklist. A healthy street is
one where people choose to walk and cycle.

Lambeth Cyclists require within curtilage cycle parking for all residents of the new development, and employees in the proposed businesses, and sufficient visitor cycle parking.

Act now: comment on the Loughborough Junction masterplan.

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