Lambeth Cyclists meeting Tuesday 19 July 2016 agenda

Lambeth Cyclists Agenda – Tuesday 19 July 2016, 7.30-9pm
Stockwell Centre, 1 Studley Rd, SW4 6RA (behind Stockwell Tube Station)

1. Attendees and apologies
Approval of minutes of last meeting
Matters arising not covered elsewhere in agenda

2. Lambeth Country Show stall review and 2017 ideas

3. Floral Ride review – repeat in 2017?

4. Lambeth Air Quality Action Plan

5. Lambeth Equality Streets – draft response at the meeting

6. Update One way to two way streets
Lambeth Council lead Jamila Barrett. List of potential streets to make two way for cycling presented by Simon Phillips at the last meeting had many omissions. Charlie is awaiting clarification on why and rationale for selection.

7. Lambeth Cyclists constitution

8.  Infrastructure:
Norwood Rd consultation: Draft LCC/Lambeth Cyclists response will be presented and discussed at the meeting for immediate submission before 20/7 deadline.

Charlie asked Richard Lancaster: “Is Lambeth at risk of losing money allocated but not yet spent?”. Richard replied, “Presumably you are referring to Quietways. No, not as far as I’m aware, but programmes, roles and responsibilities are still settling down at TfL following the elections.”

9. Architecture Rides and other events – Ride London feeder ride 10.30am from and 3pm return to Clapham Common on Sat 30 July: volunteer ride marshals sought.

10. Area News in brief
a) North Lambeth (Charlie Holland – Bishops, Princes, Oval, Stockwell)
Quietway 1: “We’re looking to resurface the northern section of Cornwall Rd (between Stamford Street and Upper Ground) and Upper Ground (between Waterloo Bridge and Cornwall Rd. We will also change the existing cushions to sinusoidal humps on Cornwall Rd. However, timescales dependent on coordination with some of the utility works in the area. There are also some minor works along the route, including pigeon proofing Cornwall Rd bridge.” Richard Lancaster, Lambeth Council

b) East Brixton (Clare Neely – Vassall, Coldharbour, Herne Hill)

c) West Brixton (Simon Still – Larkhall, Ferndale, Brixton Hill)
“As a general point, there are approximately 30 separate projects being delivered across the Quietways and Grid programmes and the work is being phased. We’re currently focused on delivering the first 7 schemes in August / September in the Larkhall / Streatham areas

d) Clapham (Colin Penning – Clapham Town, Clapham Common, Thornton)
“Windmill Drive: Consultation report, with a summary of next steps, will be available late summer.” Richard Lancaster, Lambeth Council

e) Streatham (Charlie Ullman – Streatham Hill, St Leonard’s, Streatham Wells, Streatham South)
Cavendish Rd: “consultation report available in August. Note all quietway schemes have been through public consultation” Richard Lancaster, Lambeth Council

f) Norwood (Paola Pagliarin – Tulse Hill, Thurlow Pk, Knight’s Hill, Gipsy Hill)
See Consultation above
The first seven Quietways schemes planned in August/September include “the banning of north-bound vehicle movements on Estreham Road between Greyhound Lane and Streatham High Road (introduced as an experimental closure).” Richard Lancaster, Lambeth Council

11. AOB – speed cameras, Southwark/Lambeth meet with Director of Public Health, and dates of next meetings – 20 Sept, 18 Oct (guest: Richard Lancaster, Lambeth Council Transport Project Delivery)

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