Hospital protests at Westminster Bridge cycle lane changes

According to a report in the Evening Standard 13 May 2016 St Thomas’ Hospital have raised concerns about the proposed new cycle lane on Westminster Bridge. The newspaper has raised concerns about the new ‘floating’ bus stops which they fear will result in patients being endangered by passing cyclists.

The new cycle lane was part of a package of improvements designed to make the Southern side of the bridge safer for cycling.

TfL proposed that it would; Provide bus stop bypasses at bus stops D and E on Westminster Bridge Road, bus stops B and C on Lambeth Palace Road and the tour bus stop at the east side of Westminster Bridge so that cyclists could avoid having to mix with traffic. Cyclists would continue behind the bus stops on a carriageway-level cycle track, which would feature a chicane and narrowed track to reduce speeds. Bus passengers would access the bus stop waiting area by crossing the cycle track using a marked crossing point/s

Following publication of the proposals last year  a consultation was held and 74% of respondents supported the scheme including the proposed new bus stops.

Lambeth Cyclists responded positively to the consultation: we .believe that the new design will not bring conflict between cyclists and pedestrians.

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