TfL propose changes to Stockwell Road to give priority to cyclists

Transport for London have launched a consultation on proposals for changes in Stockwell to Stockwell Road (the A203) where it meets Clapham Road (the A3) near to Stockwell tube station.

TfL Stockwell proposals on

TfL want to give priority to Northbound bus lane users (bikes, buses, taxis and motorbikes) on Stockwell Road at the junction with Clapham Road by creating a ‘progression point’ which will allow these vehicles to bypass queueing traffic and progress to the junction ahead of the cars. In addition the bus lane will be active all day instead of the current restricted hours and various minor changes to bus stops and parking bays will be made on this road.

On Clapham Road TfL are proposing a new section of bus lane from the junction of Stockwell Park Road to past Lidl and convert the existing single red lines to double red lines to restrict stopping.

These changes are aimed primarily at speeding up bus journeys but will bring benefits for cyclists. They come on top of the changes to the Stockwell gyratory that are currently under construction and which will make the area much more cycle friendly.

The proposals are on the TfL website – the closing date for consultation responses is 20 March 2016.

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