Cycling and walking in Camberwell meeting this Saturday 30 January 2016

This Saturday, 30 January 2016, Camberwell Community Council will be discussing walking and cycling. Join the meeting at 1pm at the Institute of Psychiatry, De Crespigny Park, SE5 8AF to help make Camberwelll better for walking and cycling.

Camberwell  straddles both Lambeth and Southwark and whilst Camberwell town centre is in Southwark around 25% of the SE5 area is in Lambeth and many of us visit or pass through Camberwell regularly  including many children who cycle through Camberwell en route to schools in Southwark.

Camberwell Community Council meeting 30 Jan 2016 flyerCurrently Camberwell town centre is cycle and pedestrian unfriendly with a six lane urban motorway running through the area, dangerous turnings such as that into Orpheus Street and a lack of dedicated cycle facilities. Crowded pavements and dangerous roads making walking hard too. It could be so much better and this meeting is a chance to help Southwark make Camberwell more people friendly.

  • Help redesign Camberwell town centre to make it more people friendly
  • Comment on the proposed route of Quietway 7 from Burgess Park to Champion Hill in Camberwell
  • Find out about the new Southwark Plan and what it means for Camberwell

For further information see the Camberwell CC section of the Southwark website Contact Fitzroy Lewis – 020 7525 3084

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