Lambeth Cyclists respond to Quietway 5 proposals in SE1: Baylis Road and Hercules Road

At our December meeting Lambeth Cyclists agreed our response to the Transport for London consultation on changes to roads in the Waterloo area as part of Quietway 5.

Responses to the consultation can be made online on the TfL website – the closing date for responses is 20 December 2015.  If you cycle through the Waterloo area please do respond using our response as a template.

Response by Lambeth Cyclists (the Lambeth branch of the London Cycling Campaign to TfL: Quietway 5 (Waterloo to Croydon) Baylis Road and Hercules Road consultation

Proposals outlined at

Given Lambeth’s ambition to be London’s most cycle friendly borough for people of all ages we expect Quietways in the borough to be of the highest quality, with any Critical Fails re TfL’s Cycling Level of Service (CLoS) resolved and a high score for each section of the route.

a) Waterloo Road to Lower Marsh
i. The Baylis Road approach to Waterloo Rd proposal has CLoS Critical Fails and is therefore not of Quietway standard – the proposals are of insufficient quality to attract the near market and need improving.

ii. Measures should be taken to reduce the taxi dominance at Waterloo Station in favour of public transport and active travel. The entrance/exit to the station from Baylis Road should be closed as there is a light controlled entrance and exit on Westminster Bridge Road that taxis can use. An alternative location outside the station for taxis to drop off but not pick up may be provided to aid efficient taxi movement (given many drivers do not pick up a fare at the station). The closure would enhance the public realm and pedestrian movement along Baylis Road, to the benefit of Lower Marsh too. A cycle track should be provided between Lower Marsh and Station Approach.

iii. A segregated lane should continue on the left to the traffic lights. As long as the stop line is where motor traffic stops at the ASL, there is room for a cycle track, signal controls, and a left-only and a straight-on lane, using some of the space currently taken up by the hatchings. The left turn lane could be made bus only as motorists can make the journey via the A roads of Westminster Bridge Road and York Road to the IMAX roundabout, or via Waterloo Road from the south. This would allow a short signal phase for left turning traffic and improve bus efficiency (this could be while traffic turning right from Waterloo Road to Baylis Road has a separate phase to traffic continuing north up Waterloo Road). Cyclists could safely go ahead and left on the same ‘green’ as the general traffic straight-ahead lane. A two stage right turn to Waterloo Road can be incorporated.

iv. We strongly support the floating bus stops along here. We support the light segregation.

v. The cul-de-sac near the Spring Orchid should have a continuous pavement across and the cycle track continuing as at (the busier) Frazier Street. No paint line marking on the cycle lane (or probably at all) should be needed here.

vi. As v. for the entrance to the gated estate car park by the parade of flats

b) Lower Marsh to Westminster Bridge Road

i. We strongly support making Frazier Street two-way for cycling. The street is used as a rat-run by drivers turning right off Baylis Road to access Waterloo Road southbound as the right turn is banned at the traffic lights at the Baylis Road / Waterloo Rd junction. The right turn into Frazier Street from Baylis Road should be banned to motor traffic but not cyclists, or an alternative filtering system devised to prevent rat-running through the back streets.

ii. Junction of Baylis Road to Westminster Bridge Road. There is a left-hook risk here. Little traffic turns left into Westminster Bridge Road and that which does can do so via York Road, so the left turn for motor traffic, but not cyclists, should be banned

iii. We strongly support the bus stop bypass, Frazier Street raised footway treatment, relocation of the bus stands, hybrid cycle lane and light segregation.

c) Hercules Road near Cosser Street

i. We very strongly support the planned closure, and its location – so long as it is best placed with additional controls as needed to prevent all potential rat-run movements within the cell bounded by the A roads. We are concerned that Hercules to Carlisle Lane to Centaur Street to Hercules may appeal as a rat-run.

ii. Cosser Street should be made two-way for cyclists.

d) Hercules Rd near Lambeth Rd

i. Assuming the motor traffic closure at Cosser Street is implemented, we do not support the parking changes, or the left hand feeder lane into an ASL, given traffic can turn left at the lights. The parking should support cyclists staying in the general traffic lane which will have a very low volume of traffic as it will be access and egress only, not a motor traffic through route; it is questionable whether an ASL should be provided here. If the motor traffic closure doesn’t go ahead a revised Quietway scheme is needed (likely similar to Baylis Road) and the parking will need to be reviewed in the light of this.

ii. We suggest consideration is given to providing a parking bay opposite Sidford Place to support cyclists in maintaining a primary position towards the closure along this stretch.

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