Car parking to be banned on Waterloo Bridge cycle lane

The promised ban on parking in the cycle lane on Waterloo Bridge is one step closer. The ban will bring the Northern half of the bridge, administered by Westminster, in line with the Southern half, administered by Lambeth. Currently cars can park in the cycle lane in the Westminster part of the bridge on Sundays and in the evenings.

Image of Road Traffic Order banning parking on Waterloo Bridge cycle lane

City of Westminster Council published the Road Traffic Order in The Gazette on 4 December 2015

The RTO states

The general effect of the Orders would be, in connection with the introduction of Quietway Route 68 (connecting Bloomsbury and South Bank) on the London Cycle Grid Network, to:
(a) replace all existing single yellow line waiting restrictions on Lancaster Place and Waterloo Bridge (within the City of Westminster) with double yellow line “at any time” waiting restrictions; and

(b) introduce a mandatory cycle lane in the southbound carriageway of Lancaster Place and Waterloo Bridge to replace the existing advisory cycle lane at this location. All vehicles, except cycles, would be prohibited from entering, proceeding or waiting in the cycle lane at any time. The cycle lane would adjoin the existing mandatory southbound cycle lane on the length of Waterloo Bridge within the London Borough of Lambeth. The existing bus stop clearways on Lancaster Place would not be affected by the proposals.

Lambeth Cyclists welcome this ban which will make the full length of the bridge safer for cycling.

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