Vauxhall Cross to go two-way?

Transport for London yesterday released their plans for transforming Vauxhall Cross including removing the dangerous cycle-unfriendly one-way system.

Following on from the initial consultation, and years of campaigning by local groups such as Lambeth Cyclists, detailed plans have been produced.

These plans propose that current roads making up the one-way system (Parry Street, Wandsworth Road, Kennington Lane, South Lambeth Road) will be made two-way with fully segregated cycle lanes and improved cycle and pedestrian crossings.

A new public space will be created to give a sense of place and make it more than just a transport interchange. The current bus station is set to undergo changes as part of the roads configuration process.

These proposals come about as part of wider Vauxhall/ Nine Elams/ Battersea developments which over the next few years will see an additional 18,000 new homes being built as well as office developments which it is estimated will lead to 25,000 new jobs locally. TfL anticipate that the redesign will be in place by 2018.

See below for further details of what the proposals will mean for cyclists. TfL are carrying out a consultation on the scheme – see – as well as running three local information drop-in meetings to find out more. The closing date for the consultation is 17 January 2016. We encourage everyone with an interest in the area to have their say.

The drop-in information meetings will take place at
Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre, 5 Glasshouse Walk, SE11 5ES – Saturday, 5 December 2015 11am-4pm
St Peter’s Church, Kennington Lane, SE11 4RZ – Tuesday, 8 December 2015 6-8pm
Carmelita Centre, 41 Vauxhall Walk, SE11 5JT – Monday, 14 December 2015 11am-4pm

Lambeth Cyclists welcome the proposals to make Vauxhall Cross roads two-way. We will be responding to the consultation and offering our comments on the proposals as well as offering our vision for the future of a cycle and people-friendly Vauxhall.

Detailed cycling proposals
In the proposals at at TfL state that there will be enhanced cycle provision throughout Vauxhall and improve connections with the surrounding area.  Proposals for cyclists include:

  • Upgrading the existing cycle lane on South Lambeth Road to a segregated cycle lane
  • New segregated cycle lane on the northern side of Nine Elms Lane, from the end of the existing bus lanes to the junction with Parry Street and Wandsworth Road, connecting into Wandsworth Road cycle lanes
  • Upgrading the existing cycle lane on Wandsworth Road to a segregated cycle lane and extending the provision to New Spring Gardens Walk and Miles Street
  • New segregated cycle lanes on Miles Street and Bondway
  • New signalised cycle crossings on: Wandsworth Road, north of the Miles Street junction, Nine Elms Lane at the junction with Wandsworth Road, Nine Elms Lane at the junction with St George Wharf, Bridgefoot at the junction with Wandsworth Road and across Albert Embankment at New Spring Gardens
  • Converting the staggered cycle crossing on Albert Embankment to a ‘straight across’ crossing
  • Widening of the existing pedestrian tunnel on Kennington Lane to reroute the Cycle Superhighway 5 in both directions through the tunnel
  • Additional cycle parking on Albert Embankment, Bridgefoot, Wandsworth Road, Bondway and South Lambeth Road
  • Linking to existing and future cycle routes to create a network going beyond Vauxhall including: Cycle Superhighway 5, the Waterloo to Croydon Quietway, proposals within the Nine Elms on the Southbank Cycle Strategy

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