Lambeth Cyclists call on Lambeth to install segregated cycle tracks on Loughborough Road

Today Lambeth announced that the six months trial closure of Loughborough Road and surrounding roads will be halted after three months despite research showing that it had successfully increased cycling and pedestrian journeys in the area.

Here is our response to the announcement
Lambeth Cyclists are delighted that the Loughborough Junction trial led to more people making journeys by foot and by bicycle through the area, and an appreciation of the opportunities that exist to reduce motor traffic domination and pollution. 

We welcome the decision to continue the trial preventing motor traffic rat-running through Calais Street and Padfield Road.

We will be pressing Lambeth to introduce alternative measures such as child-friendly segregated cycle tracks on Loughborough Road and measures to reduce traffic on Hinton Road that will make the roads safer and continue to encourage more people to walk and cycle in the area.

Loughborough Road, Barrington Road, Lilford Road and Gordon Grove.will be reopened to through motor traffic, Calais Street and Padfield Road will remain closed to motor vehicles – see statement on Lambeth website

Read the summary consultation report: Experimental road closures in the Loughborough Junction
and Myatt’s Field neighbourhoods

Lambeth Cyclists is the Lambeth borough group of the London Cycling Campaign. We work to make things better for cyclists in Lambeth.

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