Lambeth Cyclists draft response to Clapham Common Quietway consultation

Transport for London and Lambeth are currently consulting on changes to roads on, and around, Clapham Common to create a cycle-friendly route across the Common as part of Quietway 5.

The consultation on the proposed changes is at, the closing date for responses is 19 November 2015.

Here is our draft response to the consultation – it will be finalised at our meeting tomorrow.

Draft response by Lambeth Cyclists to Tfl consultation Quietway 5 (Waterloo to Croydon) – Proposed changes in Lambeth – Clapham Common

Overall Lambeth Cyclists support the proposals, in particular the closure of Windmill Drive to through traffic.
Our detailed comments are below (these relate to how the scheme was set out on the Lambeth website):

1. Bromell’s Road/Clapham Common between The Pavement and Long Road 
Permit contraflow cycling on Bromell’s Road 
We support raising the carriageway level, so long as the carriageway remains defined as drawn on the plan.

Widen the existing shared use tarmac paths on this section of the Common to create more space for people walking and people on bicycles 

Install cobbled rumble strips on the approach to the fountain to reduce speeds of people on bikes. 
We do not support installing rumble strips initially as they can be uncomfortable, particularly for some cyclists with disabilities. If it becomes apparent subsequently that there is a benefit in one or more places, then they should be no more prominent than those currently on LCN3 on the Common.

2. Clapham Common around Rookery Road 
Widen the existing shared use tarmac paths on this section of the Common leading up to Rookery Road to create more space for people walking and people on bicycles

Cyclists and pedestrians prefer to have segregated space and the existing parallel cycle paths to pedestrian paths on Clapham Common work well. Given the growth in population and in the number of people cycling we are inclined to propose copying the system in place already on the Common for the new Quietway.  If , however, cyclists and pedestrians are to share space then we would prefer 5 metres path width. The path should be machine laid.

Narrow the carriageway on Rookery Road  
We support narrowing the carriageway for motor traffic along Rookery Road. However we would prefer to see a layered cycle track in each direction (or a two-way track on one side) along Rookery Road – this could be a particular benefit for students as a link between the Quietway and Lambeth College main campus at the end of Rookery Road.

If a cycle lane, as shown, is installed it is important to ensure it continues  all the way from Clapham Rd to Long Lane, not disappearing at the busiest junctions as marked on plan. We are concerned the drawing shows a 1.5m wide cycle lane while the description is 1.7m. We consider 1.5m to be too narrow here and 2m+ to be preferable.

Install a raised double zebra crossing to make it easier for those walking and on bikes to cross the road. 
We support a raised crossing here.

Given that the paths either side of the zebra are intended to be shared by cyclists and pedestrians, why segregate at the crossing – instead of a parallel crossing, just have cyclists and pedestrians share the zebra crossing.

If a parallel crossing is used as a means of giving the cycle track priority over the road, we would like to see the colour surface of the crossing maintained on the cycle track across the pavement to give visual continuity to all road users.

The cycle lane along Rookery Road lacks continuity on the plan. The zig zag road markings after the zebra crossing should be offset in line with the cycle lane, as on the approach to the zebra. If access across the mandatory cycle lane is needed, it should be through a short section of advisory cycle lane at the junction mouth.

Realign and widen the existing shared used path by the pond to follow where people already walk and cycle 
YES – 3m width is narrow for two-way pedestrian and cycle shared use, so greater width is sought, preferably 5m.

3. Clapham Common Playground area 
Widen the existing shared use tarmac paths on this section of the Common 
YES. Given the number of families and small children here, it would be particularly useful to have 5m width in this section.

Move the existing playground access point from the west side of the playground to the north of the playground for safer access and install cycle parking at this new entrance. 
YES. New parking needs to be inclusive ie suitable for bakfiets, trikes, Christianas etc. The playground is surrounded by metal railings, easy for bikes to lock to and most existing playground users take their bikes into the playground. So new cycle parking should be of suitable design and position to accommodate wider/ longer cycles.

4. Windmill Drive
Close the middle section of Windmill Drive so that it is no longer a through-road. Install bollards and landscaping to prevent motor vehicle access. 
YES. Sufficient width needs to be left between bollards to enable wider cycles including side-by-sides to pass through.

Remove 13 parking spaces in the closure area and designate two parking bays as disabled bays to the east of the closure. Provide ten resident bays (eight new and two converted) and two new shared used bays to the east of the closure
We support this

Widen existing footpaths into a three metre wide shared use path that will allow the creation of 350m2 of new green space 
We support widening the path, but would prefer greater width as outlined before.

5. Clapham Common Path southern section
Widen the existing shared use tarmac paths on this section of the Common 
YES, but again we consider greater width would benefit pedestrians and cyclists.

6. TfL – (A3) Long Road on Clapham Common
A new shared use footway will be provided on both sides of Long Road so that cyclists can safely use the crossing without having to dismount 
YES but we would prefer the path to be realigned on one or other side to allow straight over crossing since the offset design as shown exacerbates pedestrian / cyclist conflict and is more difficult to negotiate with longer or wider cycle.

A new signalised toucan crossing will be installed for users to cross Long Road; improving connections to Clapham Common 
YES although see comment above on alignment.

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