Lambeth 20mph limit one step closer: Lambeth publishes Traffic Regulation Order

On Friday 13 November 2015 Lambeth published the official Traffic Regulation Order to introduce a borough-wide 20 miles per hour speed limit on Lambeth roads. This means that almost all the roads in the borough which are solely residential will have a 20mph speed limit

Copy of Lambeth road traffic order to bring in 20mph on
The Road Traffic Order on the Gazette website

The order brings the introduction of the 20 mph limit on Lambeth roads one step closer -consultation on the Order ends on 4 December and assuming that no substantive objections occur the Council is on track to bring in the speed restrictions on motor traffic by April 2016.

The measure will mean that Lambeth joins other inner-London boroughs such as Islington, Camden and Southwark in having borough-wide 20mph limits.

The major routes such as Clapham Road, Brixton Road, Streatham High Road etc are managed by Transport for London and are excluded from the proposals.

Published in the official Gazette the order states “The general effect of the Order would be to introduce a 20 mph speed limit on all the roads and parts of roads in the London Borough of Lambeth which are not currently restricted as such by way of existing Traffic Orders”

Lambeth Cyclists welcomes this move as we believe (and research shows) that reducing the speed of motor traffic creates a more pleasant walking and cycling environment and reduces the road danger for cyclists and pedestrians.

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Lambeth website – Lambeth goes 20mph
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