Car parking to be banned on Waterloo Bridge cycle lane?

Proposals put forward by Westminster City Council as part of the planning for the TfL Quietway between Bloomsbury and the South Bank could see car parking banned across all of Waterloo Bridge righting an anomaly whereby cars are legally allowed to park on the cycle lane  running from the Strand to Waterloo at off-peak times.

Source: Cyclists in the City

Control of the bridge is shared between Lambeth and Westminster. The Southern side of the bridge is administered by Lambeth and has double yellow lines banning parking.

The Northern half of the bridge is administered by Westminster and currently has a single yellow line (see photo showing the middle of bridge where control changes from Lambeth to Westminster) meaning that cars can park on the bridge at weekends and in the evening. It is common at these times to see a line of cars parked on the bridge, meaning that cyclists cannot use the cycle lane.

Now Westminster is proposing a ban on parking on its side of the bridge to comply with TfL’s Quietway requirements. A consultation on the Westminster proposals ends on 16 October 2015.

Lambeth Council Leader Lib Peck committed the Council to ensuring 24 hour parking restrictions on Waterloo Bridge in January 2014

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