Space for cycling at Loughborough junction

From 29 August 2015 space for cycling will be created  when Loughborough Road, SW9 and surrounding streets are closed to through motor traffic.

Sign on Loughborough Road warning of future road closure

Initially the closures will take place for a six month trial period. It is hoped that at the end of the trial the closures will become permanent. The proposed closures came about following pressure from local residents concerned at the speeding through traffic along Loughborough Road and around the Myatt’s Fields Park area.

The plans were published by Lambeth in 2014. Following several well attended meetings at which a small group of residents expressed vocal opposition to the scheme we were able to rally the support of local cyclists and residents resulting in a positive response to the formal consultation on the scheme. Pressure from opponents led to delays in the final decision and once the Lambeth Cabinet had agreed to proceed with scheme the council’s decision was ‘called in’ by the Scrutiny Committee for further consideration.

We, along with other supporters demonstrated outside the Scrutiny Committee meeting in July and were pleased when the proposals were at last passed.

Here Clare Neely, who as a local resident and Lambeth cyclist, helped to come up with the initial proposals reflects on the process “Our scheme for Loughborough Junction was dead in the water” said one local Loughborough Junction activist “and then the cyclists came”. A scheme put forward by local residents to improve the local Loughborough Junction area, ran into huge opposition because it involved closing roads to through motor traffic. Thanks to everyone who wrote, lobbied, replied to consultations, a trial scheme will be in place for the next six months. It is considered that after three months everyone gets used to changes in the road network so six months will give a clear indication of whether the scheme has been successful in encouraging more people to walk and cycle, and generally to improve the local area by removing rat running traffic. Similar proposals to encourage walking and cycling on the Quietways programme in Lambeth, and to improve safety for schoolchildren in the Lyham Rd area appear to be learning the lessons of the Loughborough Junction Campaign, which include:
Having a trial scheme
Keeping local Councillors informed
Doing the major consultation with local residents after the trial scheme has gone in.”

We hope that these lessons learned at Loughborough Junction will make creating space for cycling easier across Lambeth.

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